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Turn your website into a growth engine and increase sales.

Appeal to customers with creative, easy to use and optimized desktop and mobile experiences. Increase sales by making it easy for them to buy online, remember you and visit.

In what industry are you?


Mobile friendly

Responsive design to look and work perfectly in any computer, tablet or mobile device.


Online reservations? Keep customers happy, reduce waiting times.

Online ordering

Increase your revenue by letting customers easily order online.

Graphic design

Innovative and on brand design work, logos, event adds, pop ups and all your site needs too look great and run fine.

Event calendar

Tell everyone about your events, let them know about your plans, get them to plan and join you, send them reminders!

Food Photography

Royalty free and amazing photos to use. A photo is worth a thousand words.

Payment options

Let customers pay easy and fast,  with their favorite payment method.

Ideal, Paypal, Credit Cards.

Up to date site

Make sure your site changes, menus, pictures, invites, blog posts and everything that let customers now you are up and running.

Management system

A control management system

that´s easy to use and flexible so you can update your menu and online shop without wasting time.


Search engine optimization.

Make sure to be found in every search engine. Let customers find you in Google, Bing and all of them.  

Social Media

Gain exposure, likes, followers, build a community that truly supports you. Connect your social media and promote your channels. 

Unlimited pages

All the pages you need to communicate your value and maximize brand´s positioning and searchability.



Use email marketing & blogging to connect and stay top of mind. Share relevant information on a monthly basis.

LinkedIn Ads

Get customers using LinkedIn. Do you have a B2B business? Find exactly who hires you and be visible and relevant so they choose you.

Facebook & Insta

Get customers using Facebook and Instagram. Appeal to specific people, stay top of mind and turn them into customers.


Visitors that have been on your website are warm leads. Direct your advertising efforts to get them back and stay top of mind.

Google Ads

Search ads display your company´s ads in the spot light. Be in the first place of Google results when your customers are looking for something like you.


Word of mouth. Happy customers? share your success. Build trust and credibility sharing how people like you.

Pottery Workshop

Creative entrepreneur?

Let´  s talk.

Food  entrepreneur?

I have created packages that meet the digital needs of a food business. They include web development and technologies that any food business should levarage to increase sales.


Looking for wine for my store is at times difficult because I'd like to get in contact with the producer but they are so difficult to find.

Eliza T.

When I organize an event I look online for caterers. It is incredibly difficult at times to find the right one because their websites are incomplete. I have no idea if they offer what I´m looking for.

Jaap V.

One frustration I encounter far too often is restaurants that don’t have a website with a current menu, opening hours, location and contact information. I know I’m not alone in that if I can’t find these details, I’m less likely to visit the restaurant 

An All-In-One Website design, online ordering system, table reservations system and marketing solution for food innovators and business owners, restaurants, food trucks and caterers. 

My site has helped me increase sales, 

understand better my customers and

build a community.

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