Alone is hard together is better.

-Simon Sinek

Alejandra Herrera

Digital Marketing, Sales and Ecommerce Specialist

I’ve built my career in a variety of industries, mostly in the challenging international high-tech environment where I had to excel at sales, marketing and be able to manage multiple tasks and projects at the same time.


I’m not only used to wearing many hats but I enjoy it very much. Working in these different environments and in various cultures taught me the importance of understanding and adapting to different markets, communicating assertively and efficiently, to be creative and think out of the box and to listen to colleagues, customers and partners carefully to identify priorities and needs.


I believe on commitment and on trying my best in everything I do. I think it is key to identify people's skills to create and capture team synergy.

I got hooked by marketing and the challenges of selling and business development early in my career when I discovered I was in a constant search for new ways to be better at understanding people, prospecting, engaging and learning about my customers and their business to craft better marketing and sales strategies. These activities entertain and challenge me to constantly revise my professional assumptions while reconciling them with the advantages brought by new technologies and paradigms breakthroughs.


I know how to work remotely and on my own and I also value feedback and the possibility to exchange and debate ideas. I appreciate structure in my work life and I have learnt to create it myself. 

My bachelor is in  Political Science and I have studies in Business Administration and marketing. My masters is in communication and mass media and in reality I have never stopped learning. For me learning is a never ending delight, a way of life. So I am constantly updating myself and getting hook with new topics. 

I know about advertising on Facebook and on Instagram, I know  a few tools  very well like Hubspot, Salesforce, Shopify, Canva, Wix and Zoho, 

I believe each of the positions I’ve held and each of the customers I have worked with have taught me something that makes me an asset for your organization.


For example, I have worked with entrepreneurs in different industries helping them build their marketing strategies to benefit the right people. I helped them identify their customer, that type of person that would truly benefit from their value. I have helped them build their brand personality and values and broadly speaking define their strategy so their commercial goals become reachable. 

I have also helped them structure their sales process to turn all this marketing efforts into success. 


I also worked as Senior Business Development and Account Representative where I was responsible for helping my team turning leads into customers and potential partners into strong and valuable partners. Through a lead generation, nurturing and prospecting, I identified new potential customers and engage them into the sales cycle & cross-sold and up-sold products.


 Using inbound marketing tools and outbound sales strategies I created potential business opportunities, built positive business relationships and increased revenue. I constantly had to create content for these purposes, from blog posts, outbound email campaigns and video content for outbound prospecting. I was also responsible for presenting our solutions to potential customers navigating them through the benefits of working with us using customized presentations, negotiating price and following up until implementation.

It will be my pleasure to bring my knowledge, expertise and go getter attitude to support you and your team. 

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